Passports are a unique piece of memorabilia, recording the adventures of countless travellers across the world. I have reproduced passports from several countries and eras, each authentically copied from original vintage documents.

I can make the following reproduction passports:
(click on the year for a passport made in this style)

U.S. WWI-1920s (green cover with single, folded sheet)
U.S. 1930s-50s (dark red cover)
U.S. 1930s-50s Hawaiian Territorial
U.S. 1960s-70s (grey/green cover)
U.S. 1980s (blue cover)
U.S. 1990s (blue cover)
British 1930s-50s (blue cover with gold crest)
British 1960s-70s (black cover with white crest)
British 1960s-90s Visitor's Passport
British Modern (burgundy EU version)
Bermuda 1960s-70s (variation of British passport)
Virgin Islands 1960s-70s (variation of British passport)
Nazi Germany 1930s-40s (plain brown cover)
Japanese 1920s-40s
Australia 1930s-50s (blue cover, British Commonwealth version)
Australia 1960s-70s (black cover)
New Zealand 1930s-50s (blue cover, British Dominion version)
Russian, late 19th Century
Russian Modern
French, 19th Century
Generic International Passport (modern design)
Mexican 1960s-90s
Micronational Passport (custom made)

I have ready-made visa stamps for dozens of countries, some based on actual stamps, while others are created based on historic visas.