Based on over forty years of adventure, this diary follows Indiana Jones from his earliest travels into the Cold War era.

This highly detailed prop replica is bound in genuine cowhide, professionally embossed and aged to look like a time-worn journal.

The cover shows an ibis, the symbol of the Egyptian god Thoth, the scribe of the gods, as well as various motifs including papyrus, from which we get the word paper, a fitting design for a personal journal of an archaeologist.

This diary contains almost 300 pages of stories, notes, drawing and photos. Indy's travels begin in 1908 with his father's European lecture tour. His adventures continue as a soldier in the First World War and into his career as a world-famous archaeologist and "finder of rare antiquities".

A Young Indy with Lawrence of Arabia

A sketch given to Indy by Pablo Picasso

Sketches and info from Africa

Indy steals the Cross of Coronado in 1912

Indy and Henry pose for a picture

The Jackal of Kha and a letter from Ned

Indy in the Congo, c1917

Indy flies with the Lafayette Escadrille

A reconnaissance photo of enemy territory, c1918

Mustafa Ataturk, whom Indy must track down

Entries from "The Hollywood Follies"

The Mask of Camozotz, c1926

A letter from Abner, asking Indy to join his dig

Indy and Abner find the Headpiece of Ra

Indy working on Easter Island, c1929

An article about "The Emperor's Tomb"

A German Police envelope and a Xi'an Warrior

Sketches from "The Temple of Doom"

Indy's research about a certain Golden Idol

A letter from Sam Spade and sketch of the Maltese Falcon

"The Last Crusade" for the Holy Grail

An Atlantean Horned Idol

A mysterious discovery, c1940

On the trail of "The Infernal Machine"

This diary also contains almost forty inserts, many based on actual props used in the films and others replicated from historic documents. For a complete list and photos of all the inserts go to the Indy Diary Inserts Page.

This diary measures about 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" (the exact measurements of the prop used in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) and has a black elastic band to hold everything together.

If you'd like to make your own diary, see the Blank Indy Diary page.