One of the most memorable props from the Indiana Jones series is this Golden Fertility Idol. Based on an actual Aztec statue, this idol was Indy's first on-screen quest. I have produced several versions of this piece.

To the left is a resin idol plated in genuine 24kt gold. This replica is accurate to the original prop in many ways. Unlike other reproductions, this idol has pupils in the eyes, the correct mouth shape and no headband across the hairline. These features are often incorrectly copied on other replicas:


One the left is a nearly solid bronze casting, polished to a mirror shine. It weighs over 12 lbs and has a naturally realistic patina giving it a very authentic appearance. It was made using the ancient method of lost-wax casting.

Next is the gold leafed version, giving the idol an overall metallic appearance while still adding a time-aged look.

On the right is a simpler version of the idol. Based on the stunt props, this idol has a gold spray-painted finish with a gloss polyacrylic coating to protect it and add to its shine.

This idol, plated in 24kt gold as above, is special in that it has no drilled pupils. All of the stunt props had solid eyes as this one, a feature often associated with this classic prop.

Below is a custom stand, made to the exact proportions of the pedestal in the Chachapoyan temple. See stands page for more details.