Two thousand years ago, after Jesus Christ died on the Cross, a Roman centurion by the name of Longinus pierced the heart of Our Lord with a lance. Through the centuries this spear has been the object of desire for many great leaders including Emperors Constantine, Charlemagne and Frederick Barbarossa, finally falling into the hands of Adolph Hitler. It was even sought by Indiana Jones...

This full sized metal replica is cast in several pieces: the top and bottom portions of the spear are plated and aged with a special patina to simulate the appearance of ancient iron. Thick wire is wrapped by hand over the spear, securing the "nail" into the top section and braided in the exact fashion of the original artifact.

The central sleeves are gold plated and with an antique finish. On them is debossed the words "LANCEA ET CLAVVS DOMINI" (Lance and Nail of the Lord), a reference to the central shaft of the upper portion of the spear, believed to be one of the nails that pierced the hands and feet of Christ.

The base of the spear is hollow with a drilled hole centered on the shaft allowing it to be fitted to a base or a wooden staff as it originally was in the time of Christ. The spear measures over 19 inches and weighs almost three pounds.