This detailed reproduction of Henry Jones, Sr.'s famous Grail diary is accurate down to the last detail. This version is a fictionalized account of his quest, filling in pages from the original prop with a coherent story-line from 1899 when his quest begins to 1938 when he and his son finally find the Holy Grail.

First, the book is hand-cut and stitched together using old fashioned book-binding techniques: the 282 pages are put together in the same ream configuration as the original prop; the pages are not simply glued together as are paperback novels.

The book is then covered in gorgeous brown cow leather (just like the original) and carefully aged by hand to match the style of the original prop.

The pages themselves are each a work of art:
-there are 282 total pages (the exact number as in the original prop), 32 of which are blank (again, as in the original)
-contains all 65 unique pages from the original diary props
-there are 135 pages of drawings and sketches including dozens of different maps
-no countless repetition of text pages: the entire diary reads as a story; Henry makes discoveries, follows up leads and researches various contenders to the title of Grail
-details on pages are crisp and clear

Since the pages are hand cut and the book is bound by hand, it is the exact size of the original (apx 6 1/2", 4 1/4", 1 1/2"), fitting snuggly into a leather jacket cargo pocket.

NB: For more information about my reproduction of the hero Grail Diary prop, go to this Grail Diary page.

The stained glass window in Venice that led Indy to the knight's tomb.
Two of the most famous inserts can be seen: George Washington's quote & LARY ticket.

Clues to passing the three trials.

Part of the Venice stained glass window.

Stained glass window in Venice.

Knights of the Crusades.

Sainte Chapelle shrine with relics.

The bottom of a stained glass window.

A full color copy of the 1899 silver certificate.

The Map with No Name leading to the canyon.

An English-style tomb and the Grail temple.

Hitler's signature
(as seen in the film).

Map to the Grail temple and scrap.

Map of the Dead Sea.

Another window with the Eschenbach insert.

A stone scuplture and window showing Christ.

Two stained glass windows.

Brass rubbing of knight.

Newspaper clipping.

Henry's Crucifixion painting.

Prester John.

The Valencia Chalice.

Brass rubbings with notes.

Medieval map of the world.

Grail Tablet and rubbing.

Another map with no names.

Western Union Telegram.

Triangular floorplan.

Top of a medieval window.

Two knights' tombs.

The Third Trail.

Henry's notes about the quest.

I also made over three dozen different inserts to go with this diary, including 23 inserts from the original prop. Among these inserts are:

two extra versions of the "Map With No Names",
four different maps of the Dead Sea region,
two different LARY train transfer tickets,
two full colour reproductions of vintage currency,
a hand-made rubbing, including an accurate upper portion from Sir Richard's shield,
eight letters & telegrams from friends and collegues,
Zeppelin ticket,
two newspaper articles...








Shown to the right are five photo reproductions I made to accompany the Grail Diary. They show Henry and young Indy during his early years of childhood. They are printed on high-quality photopaper, with the photographers logos printed on the aged backing.

I also made this replica wrapper in which the diary was shipped to Indy. It is complete with replica Italian stamps and Venice postmarks.

This is an extremely accurate replica, down to the last detail. The stitched, elastic band can be put vertically (as in the film) or horizontally (as in the archives book).

For fellow replica artists, I can make a blank book, hand-stitched and bound in leather with the elastic band... the perfect start to your own replica... or just a great travel journal! I can also pre-age the diary for you, by request.