Printed on blue-lined grid paper, this floorplan layout is based on the actual design of the Map Room seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Belloq's drawings are done on Nazi grid paper, all his notes in his native language, French. He clearly states where he believes the Well of the Souls to be (along with the Ark). As we know, Belloq's staff was too long, so he points to the wrong structure. (The Ark was found in the larger building to the east). Beside Belloq's Well of the Souls is written in French: "According to Toht's headpiece, the Ark must be within this building". I was even able to obtain a French copy of the Raiders film to verify the translation of certain unique words, like "headpiece".

Also on this plan are several drawings found on the walls of the Map Room, including Shishak depicted as the Egyptian god Horus, and the ark itself. The bottom of the map is signed and dated by Belloq. The entire floorplan is carefully aged using diluted acrylic paint. This piece measures 17" x 11".